Det kreative proces manifest

The Creative Process is not a process.
It is THE process.

 The creative process underlies, informs, and transcends everything that exists, ever has existed or ever will exist.

 It is the process that underlies all learning, growth and evolution. It encompasses all natural and spiritual laws.  It aligns with both physical and quantum-level science.  Indeed, all energy in the Universe flows through the creative process.  Its patterns – the web, the circle, the arc, the spiral – are woven throughout creation.

The creative process is the source of all personal growth and achievement.  It forms the structure for all organizational learning and development, from innovation and strategy to planning and implementation.
It is the foundation process of authentic leadership.  It is the generative force behind all individual and collective power.

It operates on every level, from particle to individual to organization to society to culture to cosmos.
The creative process is archetypos – in the Greek, “original pattern.”  Throughout time, all myth, all parable, all story – indeed, all art — has revealed this universal creative process.

 It is alpha and omega – “beginning” and “end,”  and it is “meta” –“beyond.”  The creative process moves us beyond the realm of WHAT IS, into the transcendent, creative realm of WHAT CAN BE.

 The creative process is the master process. It is the most fundamental and powerful process in the Universe. 
And it is available to each of us.


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